Cranes and port machines

The automation and the use of new generation power systems allow to optimize and speed up the unloading and handling phases of materials in ports, whether they are bulk products or container. Thanks to the experience gained in machine safety, in speed regulation, in the application of decentralized intelligence and in supervision, Tekna Automation and Control provides integrated solutions of Automation and Revamping of port crane machine for customers, port authorities, shipyards and machine manufacturers.


Sophisticated automation and power systems are installed to allow the automated control of the cranes and port machines. In this way, the operator can run the machines efficiently and safely using graphic interfaces and user friendly control panels specifically designed for the applications.

Currents technological changes and the optimization of the loading and unloading cycles require the modernization of cranes and their automation components in order to ensure the efficiency of the machines themselves.

The on-site visits are carried out by specialized technicians who verify the mechanical, electronical, structural and electric components of machines and plants.

A periodical and anticipated maintenance on lifting systems and the latest generation cranes guarantees safety and continuity to the machines operation. Diagnostic is performed on the electrical, mechanical and electronic components and on the structures of the machines every certain period.