Temperature control is needed in many industrial manufacturing processes, such as furnaces, injection, blow molding and extrusion of plastics, metal production, chemical, pharmaceutical and other processes. The control is achieved by implementing control loops on board temperature controllers or on board P.L.C.s and proportionally driving heating elements, whether electric heaters, gas burners or others.

The SCR modules, in the different current capacities, are similar to semiconductor switches that allow to power the heating resistors. These modules are controlled by the temperature regulators and enable current to pass through the resistances and, therefore, their heating.
Compact low current SCRs, such as Crydom or Omron, and higher power SCRs, such as AEG or Eurotherm, are available with electronic load breaking controls.

SCR groups for heating resistance piloting

Digital thermoregulators are used to achieve temperature control in heating or cooling processes, such as extrusion lines, plastic injection molding machines, thermoforming machines, rubber presses, packing and packaging machines, processing plants for the food industry , cooling units, climatic cells and test benches, ovens, painting systems, etc.


Control panel for the management of the heating elements of a Glass Tempering Furnace using “SCR 160 Amper AEG” units.

Control panel for glass tempering oven heating resistances