Weighing systems

Weighing is required in Industrial Automation, both to account the quantity of materials and to check for overload conditions. Weighing is done using load cells mounted on board conveyors or machine parts which, acquired by electronic control units, provide the weight to which they are subjected. There are numerous types of load cells with specialized for the application.
Industrial weighing is crucial in processes for dosing and batching (pharmaceutical, food, steel, etc.), for calculating product weights and quantizing transported products, for calculating mechanical overloads, etc.

Weigh bridges are used for weighing and calculating flow rates of bulk materials transported by belts. They are purpose built for the specific tape construction where they will be applied. Ideal for bulk material mixing, loading/unloading belt systems, truck loading.

Weighing system for conveyor belts

Load cells are adopted by static systems that arrange the weighing of bulk materials such as: tanks, silos and hoppers.

Weighing system with load cells

The systems used for weighing boxes, without the need to lift the packages, detect, through a scale directly connected to the roller conveyor, the weight of the object as it passes.

Weighing systems on board roller conveyors