Attention to the problem of waste disposal and recycling has prompted many manufacturers to invest in the design of automatic waste management machines. Tekna Automazione e Controllo has gained specific experience in the automation of waste treatment machines, starting from loading belts, bag-opening machines, shredders, compacting presses up to the automation of complete waste selection lines, whether they come from separate collection, urban or special waste.

Conveyor belts and waste loading, for the transport of bulk or differentiated material, designed to resist over time and face heavy work. Their modular structure allows them to be adapted and installed in confined spaces and with difficult accessibility.

Conveyor belts and waste loading

Waste sorting lines with waste distribution belt system for sorting lines for the transport and sorting of materials.

Waste sorting lines with belt system

Presses for compacting urban and industrial solid waste, designed to effectively solve the problem of packaging solid waste and materials to be sent to the recovery industry such as waste paper, corrugated cardboard, nylon, plastics in general, containers for liquids, PET bottles.

Presses for compacting urban and industrial solid waste

Plastic waste transport and packaging line that allows the processing and packaging of waste materials.

Plastic waste transport and packaging line

Rotating screens and separators for waste selection, which, inserted upstream of the plants, carry out the screening on different flows, taking advantage of the different size and granulometry of the materials.

Rotating screens and separators for waste selection

Plastic treatment section separate for collection line through which plastic materials are sorted and processed in order to obtain a reusable product for new productions.

Plastic treatment section for separate collection line

Washing plant for liquid, granular and muddy non-hazardous special waste made up of loading and weighing sections on belts, sorting machines for particle size selection, sedimentation and hydrocycling stations, process sections for chemical-physical treatments, filter presses, all with automatic management and in accordance with the protocol of the waste to be treated and with the management of the recipe parameters defined in the laboratory and automatically transferred to the plant, with a view to Industry 4.0.

Washing plant for special waste