Production lines

The industrial production sector has been radically changing following the integration of the virtual world of Information Technology into machines and the use of the Internet. Collaboration between operators and machines, speed of data exchange in real time, artificial intelligence, digitalization and flexibility of production processes are the elements that define the change we are facing. Tekna Automazione e Controllo is able to transform these elements into an added value for its customers by providing fully automated production lines designed according to the most modern innovation and integration criteria, compliant with Industry 4.0 criteria.

Plastic film lacquering line for food use, complete with film unwinding and rewinding stations, reel change, multiple primer and lacquer spreading stations, drying ovens and tension controls and motor speed synchronization in the different sections of the line.

Plastic film lacquering for food use line

Thermoplastic materials production line (PVC, PP, PE, PS, PMMA) with vertical extruder, complete with temperature and pressure control systems, hauling management and reel winders.

Thermoplastic materials production line

Sheet metal reel unwinder and cutting line feeder with constant tension management as the reel diameter varies and speed synchronization with the downstream line.

Sheet metal production line: reel unwinder

Automated metallization line for the production of packaging materials that integrates the control of the kinematics of the line, the unwinder, the rewinder and the management of the evaporation process through which the aluminum on plastic films, paper or cardboard is evaporated, metallized and wound up on reels.

Aluminum metallization line on plastic film

Glass wool production for thermal insulation complete with cutting and packaging machines in sheets and rolls.

Glass wool production line for thermal insulation

Rock wool production line, complete with thermoregulation of the furnace and automation of the fiber machines.

Rock wool production line

Primer removal line from steel bars before welding, made with laser scanners moved by controlled axes for managing the cleaning depth and positioning on the bars, which can be installed upstream of existing welding lines.

Primer removal line from steel bars before welding

Polyurethane cushion talc machine line, complete with talc chamber, with upper and lower talc spray nozzles, suction, filtering and fluid bed talc recovery system.

Polyurethane cushions powder line

Line with punching press for cushion punching, complete with automatic cushion loading and unloading on the punching table, made up of 2000 punches with a diameter of 16 mm.

Line with die-cutting press for punching cushions

It allows you to take the aluminum plates from the various stations and group them for subsequent processing. The Cartesian arm grips using a series of suction cups.

Conveyor line with robotic station for handling aluminum plates

Rim/tyre assembly line with support of roller conveyor systems and motorized belts that allow the advancement of the rim and the tire in the various assembly phases.

Wheels/Tires assembly line