Vision Tire System 3D

Vision Tire System 3D® is a family of machines designed and manufactured by Tekna Automazione e Controllo which scan the tire and, using laser profilametry, create the three-dimensional model of the tyre. Sophisticated software algorithms perform the detection, classification and measurement of defects present on the surfaces of the tire, and analyze the writings and symbols imprinted on the tire, to verify their compliance with the relevant production directives.

Detection, classification and measurement of all surface defects present on the entire tyre, based on 3D acquisition via laser profilametry, sophisticated specific image processing software and classification based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

Tire defect detection

Reading and automatic verification of lettering and symbols on the tyre, obtained using laser profilametry for scanning and 3D reconstruction of the lateral surface of the tires (shoulder) and deep OCR software for decoding the lettering and pattern matching techniques for symbol verification .

Automatic reading and checking of writings and symbols on the tire

Quality control of the pneumatic bead assembly, carried out in line and during the phase of placing the rubber on the bead. The check verifies the correct junction and distribution of the rubber on the circumference of the bead core, and is carried out using 3D vision systems for measuring the thickness of the rubber and the junction.

Tire bead wire assembly quality control

Verification of color band control on the tire tread band production line. Control is carried out using RGB color cameras. The software verifies the correspondence of the colors and their positioning with respect to the edges of the lese, in accordance with what is required in the recipe.

Check of color bands on the production line tire treads

For the quality check of the lese coupling of rubber tyres the system uses a high resolution 3D camera and a laser which are integrated to create a custom profilameter able to analyze the entire width of the LESA and to check if the joints performed, both along the edges and in the central part of the LESA, have been performed correctly. The checks are carried out in-line at a speed of 40m / mi and on a LESA width of 800mm.

Quality check of the lese coupling of rubber tires

Check damaged defects, such as folds, lack of material, scuffing, with the use of 3D cameras and ad hoc developed software for the reconstruction and recognition of defects.

Damaged tire lese of rubber tires check

The system makes it possible to verify both the correctness of the DOT Code and the type, design and color of the rim with which it has been coupled. The control uses RGB cameras, 3D profilameter, OCR software and 2D and 3D image processing developed using neural networks.

Reading of the pneumatic DOT code and checking the correct rim / tire coupling