Automation system and crane power

Sophisticated automation and power systems are installed to allow the automated control of the cranes and port machines. In this way, the operator can run the machines efficiently and safely using graphic interfaces and user friendly control panels specifically designed for the applications.

Complete electrical equipment for 40 ton STS Ship to Shore automation, built with Siemens S7 300 PLC and Siemens vector inverters.

Complete electrical equipment for 40 ton ship to shore portainer automation

Assembly and commissioning of power panels and 40 ton Ship to Shore crane automation.

Assembly and commissioning automation portainer crane ship to shore 40 tons

Loading belt automation systems with weighing system for material accounting for Stacker Reclaimer in the management of coal parks with system for optimizing, creating and recovering heaps.

Automation systems for Stacker Reclaimer

Magnetic bar for handling steel sheets with a crane, complete with safety descent system in the event of a power failure. The magnets are controlled in groups to allow the gripping of sheets of different sizes and with programmable magnetization levels.

Sheet metal lifting crane with magnetic bar

Automation and mechanical and electrical revamping of mobile cranes with PLC Siemens and standard operator terminals, replacing proprietary hardware.

Automation and power for mobile cranes

Crane with block for handling coil products and heavy products.

Grab for unloading heavy loads

Grab crane for unloading and handling bulk products.

Grab crane for unloading bulk products

20 ton cranes serving dry docks and ship repairs for the construction and maintenance of ships in dock.

Dock yard crane

Automation and power systems for diesel and electric RTGs (Rubber Tire Gantry) for the handling and storage of containers in port areas and in Terminal Containers.

Automation and power systems for RTGs in port areas and in Terminal Containers

Power panel for crane lifting control, made with Siemens vector inverters and logic managed by P.L.C.

Crane lifting control panel

Power panel for crane arm and trolley control with synchronized management of the trolley motors to reduce wear on the wheels and sliding rails.

Power panel for boom and crane trolley control