Automation Panels are designed to contain within them all the power and control equipment of the system to be automated. The design of the automation panels must meet the requirements to guarantee the functionality, maintainability and safety of machines and operators in accordance with the CEI 17.13/1 regulation, CE mark, EMF disturbances requested by the country and sector of application. Within the automation panel, the P.L.C., inverters, axis controls, safety systems and whatever is necessary to ensure the functionality of the line or machine are assembled and wired.

P.L.C.: S7-300 Siemens
Drive: Simoreg DC Siemens
Network: Profibus Siemens

40t ship to shore crane lifting and translation automation panel

P.L.C.: S7-400 Siemens (Configuration H – Hot Backup) + ET200M (Configuration Y)
Drive: MASTERDRIVE and MICROMASTER Siemens inverters
Network: redundant Profibus and Industrial Ethernet

Ash and plaster ship loader automation framework

P.L.C.: ControLogix Rockwell
Axes Control: Kinetix Rockwell
Network: Sercos optical fiber

Glass press automation panel

P.L.C.: Rockwell I/O points
Network: Industrial Ethernet

Glass heating furnace automation panel

P.L.C.: S7 300 Siemens
Drive: Sinamics S120
Network: Profibus

Fan automation panel 250kW

P.L.C.: Sysmac NX701 Omron
Drive: Omron Q2V inverter
Network: Ethernet
Supervision: Wonderware

Automated warehouse automation framework

P.L.C.: S7-1200 Siemens
Drive: Nidec Unidrive M400 inverter
Supervision: TIA Portal Siemens

Pallet warehouse roller conveyor automation panel

P.L.C.: S7-1200 Siemens
Drive: Nidec Unidrive M400 inverter
SCR groups: Crydom 50 Ampere
Network: Ethernet
Supervision: TIA Portal Siemens

Polyethylene extrusion line automation panel

P.L.C.: S7 300 in H Backup configuration
Drive: Sinamics DCM AC/DC converter
Network: redundant Profibus
Supervision: winCC Flexible

Automation panel for drydock haulage winches

Drive: Elettronica Santerno AC/DC converter whit power bridge at SCR 2500 Ampere

Gray oven motor automation panel for cement production

Drive: Sinamics G 120

Jib crane portal sliding automation panel

P.L.C.: Simatic S7 1200
Drive: Convertitore AC/DC Sinamics DCM
Rete: Profibus
Supervisione: winCC

Magnetic beam crane automation panel for profile lifting