Data network

Data transmission in industrial environments and network management requires the use of high-performance managed switches capable of handling protocols in multi-layer network architectures for layer 2 access, layer 3 routing with advanced diagnostics (port diagnostic, packet diagnostic…) and redundancy and security functions (IEEE 802.1X, Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast).
Standard protocols handled are Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus, VRRP, RSTP, HTTPS, TFTP, SNMP, BOOTP, GMRP, DCP, LLDP, IGMP (Snooping/Querier)
The physical supports of the networks are made of copper or fiber, single-mode or multi-mode with star or ring structures.

The integration of machines in systems distributed over large surfaces requires their physical connection and data transmission via wired networks or WIFI connections for self-propelled elements. The use of communication standards such as Ethernet TCP/IP and Profinet is essential to guarantee the maintainability and management of the systems.

Machinery connectivity

The choice of communication network structures, switches and components for communication and remote assistance are crucial elements for the continuity of operation of the automatic systems and for their integration into corporate structures developed in accordance with Industry 4.0 criteria.

Connectivity of components for communication

The communication between SCADA supervision system, PLC, Robot, Data Matrix optical reading systems, Labeling Systems is obtained using industrial networks with structures on different levels with star or ring architectures.

Architecture and levels of industrial networks

The automation of lines with P.L.C. with distributed intelligence architectures requires the use of high-performance industrial data networks, designed on multiple levels and with high-speed switches to ensure the supervision and management of I/O signals, sensors, actuators, measurements, synchronizations, exchange real-time data. Often within the same networks it is necessary to integrate intelligent instrumentation with Ethernet, Modbus, RS 485 communication protocols.

Management of industrial data networks in real time

The use of power components with communication capabilities, such as inverters, drives for brushless motors, axes, connected to the network and interfaced to the P.L.C. makes it possible to remotely program and diagnose these devices, as well as manage and parameterize them according to recipe.

Programming and diagnostics of power equipment within networks

Server cabinets, in complex network structures, necessary for the management of the various levels of SCADA Clients installed in the field and the network traffic of the PLCs, remote racks and operator panels.

SCADA server cabinet

Switch managed Rockwell Stratix 5800 high-performance equipment to ensure timely data transfer between equipment connected to the network.

Rockwell Stratix 5800 family managed switches

Siemens Scalance switches in different configurations to provide products suitable for connection to industrial networks.

Siemens Scalance SC800 switches

Alcatel managed switch for managing high availability networks in a ring structure.

Alcatel Managed Switches