Transportation systems

Continuous innovation, combined with advanced digital technologies, allows Tekna Automazione e Controllo to be the ideal partner for the construction of special systems. The handling systems are designed using modular structures characterized by an easy maintenance. The goal, in addition to functionality, is to reduce, and possibly to eliminate downtime, reducing consequently the related economic losses. Strength, lightness and modularity are the strengths of these conveyors. They are suitable for horizontal or inclined transport of different types of products.

Belts handling conveyors specifically designed for handling car tires and glass.

Belts handling conveyors

Conveyor belts used for the transport of small and medium-sized materials designed mainly for the transport of loose, packed or bagged materials without particular needs.

Conveyor rubber and PVC belts

Roller conveyors with rubber rollers designed to prevent the sliding of loads on inclined planes.

Roller conveyors with rubber rollers

Roller conveyors with 90 ° diverters with belts designed to divert the flow of loads by 90 degrees.

Roller conveyors with 90 ° deviators with belts

Belt transport system integrated with rollers.

Belt transport system

Shuttles loading roller motorized conveyors Motorized roller conveyors for shuttles loading with chain transmission to transfer production elements.

Shuttles loading roller conveyors

Multi-track transport system with motorized rollers for loading and unloading products from production lines with sorting on multiple tracks.

Multi-track transport system with motorized rollers

Transport on roller conveyors and pallet storage on two floors using automatic in-line elevators.

Pallet and elevators transport

Transport systems with diverters and depalletizers specially designed for space optimization and for the protection of products during their handling.

Conveyor systems with diverter and depalletizer