The application of robots in automated production lines enables to reach flexibility goals comparable only to those in which human labor is used. Flexibility added to increased productivity and applicability in environments dangerous for the operators, makes robots now irreplaceable in many manufacturing sectors. The design, programming and commissioning of robotic islands with Anthropomorphic Robots, Collaborative Robots, SCARA, Parallel (Delta) or Cartesian Robots allows Tekna Automazione e Controllo to be an ideal partner for the complete Automation of highly integrated production lines.

Robotic station based on a COMAU robot which handles the tires in the storage and handling stages for loading/unloading lines.

Robotic station for tire handling and storage

Robotic station based on ABB robot that automates the milling processes, using an electric spindle with cutter mounted on the robot’s wrist. The milling of the piece or the surface to be machined is performed according to a pre-set drawing that can be managed according to the recipe. The robotic milling stations are also applicable to deburring and drilling processes and allow for the creation of a wide range of flat machining, grooves, shoulders, etc. with the undisputed flexibility of the robotic cell, compared to machines designed ad hoc for the application.

Robotic station for milling insulated panels

Robotic station based on KUKA robots which allows the picking and handling of rear windows of cars for their loading on inspection and shape control lines, guaranteeing their positioning precision.

Robotic station for handling rear windows

Robotic station based on KUKA robot which allows the windshield to be picked up and moved in front of the trimming machine for the elimination of excess PVB-EVO, following the profile of the windshield with the required precision and without damaging the glass.

Robotic station for EVO car windscreen trimming

Robotic station based on KUKA robot which allows the automated execution of welding operations with absolute precision. Thanks to the robotic arm it is possible to move the welding head following the profiles, inclinations and speeds according to the specific requests of the application.

Robotic welding stations

Robot station based on KUKA robot programmed for handling, loading and unloading tires on tire defect control machines.

Robotic station for loading/unloading Vision Tire 3D tire defect control machine

Robotic station based on KUKA robots which allows the assembly and handling of the components necessary for the construction of the car engine block.

Robotic station for car engine block assembly

Robotic station based on KUKA robot which allows the assembly and handling of the car arms.

Robotic station for car front arm assembly

Robotic station with KUKA robot for moving mirrors through a suction cup system.

Robotic station for handling mirrors

Conceived to safely share the workspace with humans, they are designed to work alongside human operators themselves. They are 6-axis anthropomorphic robots with reduced outreaches and liftable loads and with sensors installed on board for constant monitoring of the surrounding space and force control of movements. Affordable, safe, flexible and easily programmable, Cobots make automation easy even for small and medium-sized businesses, reducing integration and start-up costs.

Collaborative Robots or Cobots

The SCARA robots working along vertical axes are high performance robots with four degrees of freedom, axes. The ranges of action reach 1000mm and are born to perform assembly tasks, thanks to their speed and precision. They are also used in “pick and place” processes.


AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobil Robots), used in factories for handling products, are programmed to perform specific missions of picking and moving products from one line to another, following well-defined (AGV) or clear paths avoiding obstacles (AMR).

AGV and AMR Robot