D.C. motor drives for driving and speed regulation are still widely used in industry, particularly for high power in metallurgy, hoisting machinery, mining and printing sector, although the current trend is to replace them with inverters and alternating current motors. Replacement requires significant shutdowns and modernization of the mechanical part as well, with major investments that are not always sustainable by all customers. The alternative is to use the same DC motor and replace the drive with a new generation one. Tekna Automazione e Controllo, thanks to its 30 years of experience in the application of variable speed on DC motors, is the right partner for upgrade, extraordinary maintenance and revamping activities of applications using DC motors.

Sinamics DCM DC converters cover the range from 15 Amper to 3000 Amper, for unidirectional, bidirectional and regenerative applications. For special applications that require high performance, the drive can be equipped with Control Unit Advanced.

Sinamics DCM DC- CONVERTER Siemens

Drives in the Mentor family enable economical and productive operation of DC motors. existing and new up to powers in the order of 1300 kW. DC converter technology remains cost effective and efficient, offering many benefits especially for regenerative and high power applications.

Nidec - Control Techniques Mentor MP

Heavy industrial applications, from steel rolling to rotary cement kilns, require the use of high power and robust products. And this is precisely the concept behind the DCS800 DC industrial drives. From cold drawing to ropeway applications, ABB drives deliver high performance and reliability, plus the flexibility to adapt to specific process requirements
The drives integrate Safe Torque Off (STO) certified safety functionality as standard and are also enabled for compatibility with the Industrial Internet of Things. The DCS880 is also an excellent solution for non-motor applications such as magnets, battery chargers, electrolysis and wastewater treatment.