Renewable energies

Environmental protection can be achieved thanks to energy efficiency measures and the production of energy from renewable sources, photovoltaic, wind and biomass. Tekna Automazione e Controllo is able to carry out the analysis of the energy needs of customers and provide optimized solutions for the reduction of energy costs, using modern technologies for saving and producing energy from renewable sources.

Energy efficiency, through the analysis and choice of the best strategy, is able to offer optimized solutions on existing machines and production lines, for the reduction of energy consumption, through the replacement of obsolete energy-intensive components with new components, such as high-efficiency motors, inverters and control strategies, consequently increasing competitiveness and dynamically monitoring consumption. Tekna Automazione e Controllo is able to evaluate energy efficiency and provide the best solutions to reduce consumption.

Energy efficiency

By exploiting the photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor materials with which the solar panels are covered, it is possible to produce electricity through photovoltaic systems of different power and size. Tekna Automazione e Controllo designs and installs photovoltaic systems capable of reducing energy consumption.

Photovoltaic energy systems

By exploiting the kinetic energy produced by the wind, it is possible to produce clean and renewable electricity through wind farms of different power. Tekna Automazione e Controllo designs and supplies automated wind systems for the production of energy.

Wind energy systems