On-site visits for crane preventive maintenance

The on-site visits are carried out by specialized technicians who verify the mechanical, electronical, structural and electric components of machines and plants.

Electrical controls are run on cranes elements easier to be damaged, in particular, electrical panels, motor cables and technological equipment, such as starters, drives, inverters, PLCs, operator panels and crane supervision computers.

Electrical controls

Mechanical controls concern the inspection of cranes mechanical elements and they are carried out as a precaution before the damaged parts can break and block the machine. The checks are carried out on the motors, on the reducers, on the transmissions, on the trolleys, on the wheels, on the tracks, on the condition of the ropes and the lubrication status of the mobile elements of the crane.

Mechanical controls

Structural checks are necessary to check the condition of the main structures that support the crane. These checks are carried out on the steel parts of the crane, on the junction points and on the welds. The inspection is carried out with a visual inspection, with the use of penetrating, magnetoscopic and radiographic liquids.

Structural controls