The production of tires for the automotive sector requires the automation of high power variable speed systems, extruders and calenders, as well as the careful and precise synchronization of the handling systems, conveyors, winders and unwinders, to guarantee the required thicknesses and avoid accumulation and ironing of the material. Tekna Automazione e Controllo is able to offer automated applications at any stage of the production process for the production of tires and systems for quality control of semi-finished and finished products.

Production of rubber compound for tyres, obtained starting from the raw material in the form of powder which, mixed and blended with additives and aggregating agents, is transformed into continuous rubber mats of different widths and thicknesses.

Production of rubber compounds for tyres

Rubber mixer and homogenizer for tyres, necessary to give the rubber consistency and homogeneity. The great forces involved require high power rotation systems, synchronism of movements and machine safety, to safeguard the safety of the operators.

Rubber mixer and homogenizer for tyres

Handling of rubber bands for tires stored on pallets to facilitate their transport thanks to the use of mechanical equipment (such as forklift trucks) to transfer them, for example, from a warehouse to a means of transport.

Handling of rubber bands for tires and deposit on pallet

Handling of rubber tires on belts with variable speed and management of damaged transfer between belts ensuring the lack of ironing of the material.

Handling injured rubber tires on carpets

Detection of the presence of belts during the tire assembly phase using profilers to measure the thickness and positioning of the belt on the drum.

Belt presence detection during the tire assembly phase

Control of winders and dancers for handling of rubber for tires and control of stretching of the material with management by P.L.C.

Control of winders and dancers for handling damaged rubber for tyres

Automation of tire rubber band assembly lines with PLC, inverter, thickness controls, width measurements, automatic centering systems, dancers, synchronizations, and graphical operator interfaces developed on SCADA packages.

Automation of tire rubber bands assembly lines

Automation of pneumatic rubber extruders complete with thermoregulation, pressure control, speed control and safety management.

Automation of extruders for pneumatic rubber

Automation of Green Tire production machines, packaging machines. Automatic recipe management of the types of tires to be produced and control of the positioning, speed and integration of the machines serving the packaging machine.

Automation of Green Tire production machines

Barcode and IPC Code reading system for car tires installed on belts/roller conveyors to verify the correct typology, quality, loading sequence of tires in the warehouse or on trucks in accordance with the loading list. Interfacing the system to the MES for the acquisition of the loading list and data management.

Barcode and IPC Code reading system for car tyres

Tire Barcode online reading system, created with Datalogic equipment, for checking the tire loading list on trucks or in the warehouse.

Tire Barcode online reading system

Color code control on tire tread bands with the use of RGB cameras and management of the automatic positioning of the recipe pens.

Checking the color code on the tire tread band

Checking rubber band defects for tires on automatic lines with the use of thickness measurement systems based on laser profilametry. The systems are designed and configured to meet specific customer needs and can be installed and integrated into existing production lines.

Rubber band defect control for tires on automatic lines

Coupling of rubber for tires with automatic management of slowdown, positioning and activation of pressure rollers for coupling.

Coupling lese rubber for tyres

In-line lese coupling quality check for tires carried out by continuously acquiring the laser profile projected onto the lese with a high-resolution matrix camera, laser profilametry and measuring the thickness and alignment of the lese after joining.

Verify the quality of the Lese coupling for in-line tyres

Detection of defects on tires obtained using laser profilametry for scanning all tire surfaces, 3D reconstruction software of the entire tire and sophisticated analysis and image processing and artificial intelligence software, for the identification of defects and their classification.

Tire defect detection

Reading and automatic verification of lettering and symbols on tyres, obtained using laser profilametry for scanning and 3D reconstruction of the lateral surface of the tires (shoulder) and deep OCR software for decoding the lettering and pattern matching techniques for symbol verification.

Automatic reading and verification of lettering and symbols on tyres

Quality control of the pneumatic bead assembly, carried out in line and during the phase of placing the rubber on the bead. The check verifies the correct junction and distribution of the rubber on the circumference of the bead core, and is carried out using 3D vision systems for measuring the thickness of the rubber and the junction.

Headband Control Bead Bundle