Production machines revamping

The life cycle of a production machinery can be increased, as well as its efficiency, through revamping. Machinery that does not have particular technological limitations or serious mechanical problems can, through a revamping action, enjoy an electro-mechanical renewal that allows a lower impact on the costs for production machinery, leaving intact or improving the efficiency of the same and mitigating the impact of maintenance costs and production downtime.

Rubber reel revamping with constant pull regardless of the reel diameter, made with inverter and continuous diameter measurement.

Rubber reel revamping

Revamping and adaptation to safety devices for pneumatic vulcanization, including the insertion of LOTO valves for the reduction of residual risks, Festo manifolds managed in Ethernet, safety laser scanners, delimitation area panels with access controlled by electric locks, all controlled by P.L.C. safety.

Revamping adn adaptation to safety devices for tire vulcanization presses