Robotic stations

The application of robots in automated production lines makes it possible to achieve flexibility objectives comparable only to those in which human labor is used. This flexibility, combined with the increase in productivity and applicability in environments that are dangerous to humans, make robots irreplaceable in many production sectors. The design, programming and commissioning of robotic cells allows TEKNA Automation and Control to be the ideal partner for the complete automation of highly integrated production lines.

Car welding line with anthropomorphic robot ABB

Car details welding line

Car PVB trimming windshield obtained by using a robot to pass the entire profile of the glass onto the trimming station tool. The robot’s orbits are recipe managed with optimized speed in order to reduce the cycle timing and to prevent the glass from being damaged during the process.

PUB trimming on car windshield with robot

Automated windscreen loading station for visual inspection

Automated windscreen loading station for visual inspection

Anterior arm for loading and unloading operations using an anthropomorphic robot Kuka with temporary basket storage.

Automatic station auto anterior arm

Car engine compartment automated station Robotic station for picking up the car engine compartment from the line and transferring it to the processing machine

Car engine compartment automated station

Windscreen handling with robot used for the connection with the trimming machine

Windscreen handling with robot