Check and assembly

In the automotive sector, the assembly phases are a fundamental part of the production process and today the high variability of products, combined with the ever-increasing evolution of technologies and systems, make assembly one of the main processes whose control remains a strategic node for many companies.

The use of incorrect tools, incorrectly programmed parameterizations or sequences or missing tightenings are just a few examples of automotive processes whose correct execution control is closely related to maintaining the level of productivity and the variability of rework costs.

The system uses a vision system with matrix cameras and scene backlighting systems to verify that the subassemblies that make up the gear lever are the correct ones and that they are positioned in the right direction.

Check the manual assembly of the car gear lever

The system uses matrix cameras to acquire the subassembly assembled by the operator in each phase and to verify, with pattern matching software, if the assembled part is the correct one, comparing it with pre-stored images.

Check manual assembly of car gearbox synchronizers

Check for tire defects, at the end of the line and before storage in the warehouse, with the use of sophisticated vision algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Check for tire defects

Wheel rim assembly on an automatic line for the creation of a tire train for original equipment for cars.

Rim wheel assembly

Conveyor lines for interlocking brake unit assembly stations.

Brake unit assembly

Pallet conveyor line for car engine sub-assembly assembly, designed using Bosh aluminum profiles, high-strength steel chains and Sew Euro drive reducers, controlled by Siemens inverters.

Pallet conveyor line for car engine sub-assembly assembly

Quality control of the pneumatic bead assembly, carried out in line and during the phase of placing the rubber on the bead. The check verifies the correct junction and distribution of the rubber on the circumference of the bead core, and is carried out using 3D vision systems for measuring the thickness of the rubber and the junction.

Bead Bundle headband assembly check

Robotic assembly of electric motor shaft complete with electric press for fitting bearings and spacers.

Robotic assembly of electric motor shaft