Battery assembly lines

The automation of assembly lines for automotive batteries and their in-line testing, to verify their short-circuit withstand, insulation and performance, are obtained by integrating standard automation components and specific control units for the tests to be performed.

Automotive and industrial battery assembly lines, consisting of assembly, welding, test, insulation, short-circuit and sealing stations.

Automotive battery assembly line

Battery intercell welding station in which the individual cells are connected in series to form the cell pack. The positioning of the welding electrodes is done automatically according to the recipe, via controlled axes, according to the type of coil to be produced. The welding and the check is carried out with a SAFCO control unit.

Automated battery intercell welding station

Battery short circuit check with axis control for positioning the test leads on the battery cells. The short circuit station control is managed automatically with P.L.C. Siemens.

Battery short circuit check

Battery cover insertion station with management of the welding of the cover itself with thermoregulated electric resistances

Battery cover insertion station

Defective batteries waste station produced and traced on the line which they were found to be not conformed to production specifications (poor isolation, short-circuit control, tightness control, etc.)

Defective batteries waste station